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July 12, 2023

Efficiency, Speed, and Privacy: The Triple Win

Efficiency, Speed, and Privacy

In this technical-focused post, we're excited to share our achievements and how they directly benefit our customers.

We are a young, dynamic, and ambitious team continually innovating in the digital landscape. Our core values lie in prioritizing privacy and carrying out our responsibilities as a socially conscious company.

Since our launch, the quality and speed of our service have improved significantly. Our client-focused programming is lightweight and efficient, with our JavaScript and CSS files only amounting to 7kB and 3kB respectively. Although these numbers may fluctuate, we're committed to keeping them below 10kB for JavaScript. This efficiency ensures a swift download and seamless customer experience. We steer clear of third-party trackers, making our operations transparent and browser-friendly.

Our partnership with Cloudflare has been instrumental in enhancing speed. Cloudflare's edge computing capabilities enable us to serve assets, optimize caching, manage queues with redundancy, and encrypt traffic at rest. With servers worldwide, our scripts reach customers from the nearest server, facilitating incredibly fast load times. In Denmark, for example, load times range between 20-50ms.

Ensuring speed doesn't come at the expense of quality. Our scripts are designed to fetch and render assets as needed. Automated tasks maintain campaign schedules, ensuring everything remains up-to-date and optimized.

We've also implemented changes that save significant time and enhance efficiency - a true win-win! Imagine managing 28 different campaigns across 28 markets. Each campaign performed the same function, with variations only in text and links. It was labor-intensive and error-prone, with a substantial amount of data to load each time.

Curious about our improvements? We rolled out internationalization support for campaigns, which resulted in impressive outcomes: we reduced data load size from 3kB (72kB unzipped) to a mere 1kB (5.6kB unzipped), and campaign management time decreased from over two hours to just a few minutes.

For real-time personalization, we introduced FluentosDataHub. This allows customers to send data to a globally accessible location from anywhere on the website. This data is stored in the browser session and is merged with new data as it comes in, enabling functionalities such as real-time shopping cart interactions, personalized product suggestions to lower return rates, and comprehensive customer lifecycle management.

We're just beginning our journey, and our ambitious roadmap signals an exciting future. We're committed to doing things the right way - with privacy and social responsibility at the core of our operations.

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