Release Notes

2024 May 30

Resolved an issue where the Campaign Priority: Skip Priority Check flag was not functioning as expected in certain scenarios.

2024 May 29

Implemented a campaign override safeguard. This prevents a campaign from accidentally being overwritten from another tab or by a teammate.

2024 May 28

Firewall adjustments and adoption of new RuleSet after Cloudflare Page Rules deprecation notice. Adjusted strictness of data passed to integration processing.

2024 May 22

Added a line height option to the rich text editor. Now you can tailor text styling to be more precise.

2024 May 16

Fixed the issue where the popup step close button was not hidden when deselected.

2024 May 15

Added campaign tagging. Now you can tag campaigns, search by tag, and add color to tags for better visual grouping. Improved campaign search, allowing searches by name, tag, and campaign ID.

2024 May 8

Added an option to export full and selected range campaign analytics and A/B test result data to CSV files.

2024 May 3

We've enhanced the campaign preview by adding overall performance metrics. Now, you can view total counts of impressions, events, and the conversion rate. Additionally, we've introduced a date range selector, which allows access to more than just the previous 90 days of campaign analytics data. We've also added totals for the selected date range. Plus, you can now zoom and pan on the analytics graph.

2024 April 27

We have introduced a wiki into the Fluentos Dashboard. It is in the early stages and will be constantly updated.

2024 April 25

Introduced email sent out informing about the campaign being published.

Fixed dates to correctly represent timezone changes for teams working across different timezones. Now campaign time is adjusted to the user's timezone, not the one that was originally created.
Fixed the issue where an expired campaign wasn't automatically unpublished.
Security patch for one of the packages.
Updated Stripe API.

2024 April 23

Introducing mathematical operations in conjunction with Live Data. This allows for precise messaging to inform customers about the remainder required for free shipping and other cases where customers need to know the remaining amount to qualify for a promotion.

2024 April 22

We are excited to announce another performance optimization release, focusing on enhancing the efficiency and stability of our systems without disrupting user experience.

Campaign Analytics Optimization: Optimized how campaign analytics are processed, batching requests and setting request to low priority. This ensures they do not interfere with primary website requests, maintaining a seamless user experience.

Database Request Batching: By batching these requests, we've managed to significantly reduce latency, speeding up data processing and improving overall performance.

Image Caching: To enhance loading times and reduce bandwidth usage, we have increased the image cache duration to 1 year. Error Reporting Accuracy: We've made adjustments to reduce false positives in error reporting from our client script.

Submitted Data Processing: Changes have been implemented in data processing to avoid interference with Datadog.

2024 April 19

Added missing CodeBlock to a tiptap editor.

2024 April 18

Security package update: New vulnerabilities were discovered during regular security checks, and related packages were updated to patch underlying issues.

2024 April 17

Typography settings have been switched to using @font-face, allowing for more complex cases and dynamic font loading based on weight. Only normal and bold weights are supported, and the font needs to be set up in the same way on the website where the popup is loading. Additionally, pasting content into a rich text editor now cleans all the styles and preserves the typography settings where the cursor is.

2024 April 12

Replaced the native input element for date-time, which was used for campaign scheduling, with a community-built Vue3 component. It was causing an inconsistent look and feel across different browsers and operating systems, and on Windows, it wasn't always working, creating frustration points for the customers.

2024 April 11

Increased the size of the clickable area for a Popup Close button to 42px, in accordance with the best UX practices for buttons. This resolves the issue related to Dead Clicks, where a user is not able to close the popup on the first attempt and has to repeat the action.

2024 April 10

Fixed Campaign A/B Test result calculations. There was a type mismatch issue after the migration.

2024 April 9

Updated General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice, and Data Processing Agreement to reflect the new updates made for the team setup and to better represent the rights of invited users. Also, updated icons in the dashboard to more accurately convey the Profile View and Company View.

2024 April 7

We’re thrilled to announce a significant update to Fluentos, featuring a comprehensive overhaul of our backend infrastructure and numerous enhancements aimed at improving performance, security, and user experience.

New Backend with Team Setup: We’ve launched a completely new backend, designed to facilitate smoother team collaboration and management.

NodeJS Update: Migrated from NodeJS 16 LTS to the cutting-edge NodeJS 20 LTS, ensuring enhanced performance and security.

Integration Service Upgrade: Transitioned to the new MailerLite from MailerLite Classic.

Framework Optimization: Moved from ExpressJS to FastifyJS, now with full TypeScript support, for faster and more reliable web service.

Authentication: Switched from Auth0 to SuperTokens, introducing a seamless, passwordless login/sign-up experience to enhance customer satisfaction.

Build System and Performance: Upgraded to Vite 5 for lightning-fast build times and optimal performance.

Database Security Enhancement: Each entity in our database now has a UUID, significantly reducing the potential attack surface.

Structural Migration: Successfully migrated all users, campaigns, and companies to a new, more efficient structure.

Monorepo Transition: Our codebase has moved to a monorepo setup, streamlining deployment processes and boosting safety and efficiency.

Logging and Traceability: Enhanced infrastructure logging for improved traceability and debugging.

Permission Validation: Added strict permission validation for Admins and Campaign Managers across all endpoints.

New Features in a Company Page Section: Introduced invitations and an overview of access rights within the Company page view.

Profile View Section Enhancements: Added a detailed overview of Company access in the Profile View, along with the option to create new Companies from the Sidebar.

Notification Improvements: Notification emails are now sent to all Admin users, ensuring that the right team members are always informed.

Terms and Agreements Updates: Revised our General Terms and Conditions and Data Processing Agreement to reflect the change in authentication providers.

Asset Storage and Retrieval: Enhanced the performance of cached asset storage and retrieval, particularly for advanced campaigns.

Internal Caching: Implemented improvements in internal caching mechanisms for better performance.

Server and API Enhancements: Upgraded EC2 servers to new CPU types and optimized regions to minimize latency, alongside changes to API endpoint URLs and a new Dashboard URL structure to align with our updated system architecture.

This release marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide the most efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience to our customers. We’re excited for you to explore these new features and improvements. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to refine and expand our platform.

2024 March 1

Fixed the issue where locales were incorrectly rendered for Text Component for mobile devices.

2024 February 13

Added a localization override for mobile devices to the Text Component, enabling tailored messages for improved styling and communication. This completes the localization overrides for components, eliminating the last barrier to text override on mobile.

2024 February 7

Improved Input Component with an Auto-Complete option for a better customer experience when filling out forms for newsletter subscriptions and similar purposes.

2024 February 6

Improved UTM parameters for buttons and images. Now, the button link includes utm_content='cta' and utm_term, which adopts the default value from the button component. For images, utm_content='image' is used, without the term. This enhancement adds additional layers for more precise internal analytics and provides a better understanding of user behavior.

2024 February 5

Fixed an issue where finishing an A/B test caused the campaign to be unpublished from the test environment.

2024 February 2

Enhanced sign-up experience by directing visitors to the correct Fluentos Dashboard sign-up form instead of the login page, eliminating confusion.

2024 January 31

Introducing A/B Split Test functionality to enable data-driven decisions. We have not set any limits on the number of variations you can test, giving you maximum flexibility in improving conversion rates.

Additionally, the campaign list display has been enhanced with status badges to indicate whether a campaign is offline, scheduled, or live. This update resolves the previous confusion where campaigns set for future dates appeared as live.

2024 January 17

Introducing two new features in our latest update for enhancing UI design flexibility. Firstly, the "Inline Group" component now includes an "Equal Width and Height" horizontal alignment option. This feature ensures balanced appearance for elements within the group, regardless of their individual content sizes. Secondly, we've upgraded the Button component to support multiline text. This allows for greater creative freedom in button design, enabling you to convey more information and create visually engaging design.

2024 January 16

Introduced "Equal Width" horizontal alignment option for Inline Group components in our latest update. This option ensures that inlined components within a group, such as buttons, are displayed with consistent width. It is particularly useful in tackling localization challenges, where different languages often resulted in varying component widths. With the "Equal Width" option, your UI design remains uniform and visually appealing across all languages.

2024 January 5

Fixed Fluentos script install instructions as it was missing domain name before the script.

2023 December 7

We are excited to announce a new feature as part of our commitment to transparency: the introduction of session counts for each website. This enhancement is especially beneficial for organizations managing multiple websites to see a clear breakdown on website session usage.

2023 December 6

We are pleased to announce the successful migration of our Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) to a new API. This change was necessitated by the End Of Life status of the previous Firewall rules API and ensures continued robust security and optimal performance of our services.

2023 November 31

After many setbacks, Fluentos Dashboard got major upgrades in our latest release, focusing on performance, user experience and more efficient technologies.

Load Time:
Improved load times by a staggering 40%.

Bandwidth Optimization:
By dropping Nuxt 2 framework we've successfully cut down bandwidth usage by 50% for both compressed and uncompressed assets. This means a faster, more efficient dashboard experience for you.

Event Listener Reduction:
By reducing event listeners by 5%, we've enhanced the responsiveness and stability of our app.

Some Vuetify components have been replaced with more performant comunity driven alternatives. This not only tackles memory leaks but also ensures a smoother, more reliable user experience. This was challenging to do with Nuxt 2 and Vue 2.

Unified Styling:
Centralized our styling approach and made defaults consistent across the app, creating a more cohesive and intuitive interface.

Tech Stack Upgrade:
We've made major changes to our tech stack. Migrated from Nuxt 2, Vue 2, Vuetify 2, and Axios to Vue 3, Vuetify 3 and native Fetch API. This transition now allows for a server-side rendering on the cloudflare edge, significantly improving the speed and efficiency of campaign saving, publishing, and edge caching. Combined with Vite, these changes not only result in great final builds but also enhance the developer experience and enable much faster builds. This is crucial to our core values of maintaining a sustainable tech stack.

Theme Enhancements:
The Fluentos Dashboard is now more condensed with an improved contrast ratio, making for a more comfortable and accessible reading experience.

This update marks a significant leap forward in our journey which allows to meet customer new demands. Also as part of this release we're ending Beta stage.

2023 October 24

Resolved an issue where the Countdown Widget in the production version was behind by 10 minutes.

2023 October 27

We’re rolling out maintenance updates! Transitioning to Node 20 which has recently entered LTS. Also, updates to underlying packages are underway.

2023 October 25

Introducing "Dual Actions" alongside the primary function for our Button Component! Use "Copy To Clipboard" feature to improve customer experience to add discount codes to their device clipboard during checkout. Tailor these values using the DataHub personalization for loyalty members.

2023 October 24

We've refined our integration settings! Previously, failing integration emails defaulted to the global organization address. Now, you have the flexibility to specify recipient(s) for integration failure notifications, ensuring the right individuals are promptly informed.

2023 October 21

We're all set for the upcoming sales season and anticipated traffic surge, having fine-tuned our servers for optimal performance. With the integration of Cloudflare cloud technologies, we’ve boosted speed and resilience to ensure swift, stable performance, even during peak times.

2023 October 17

Resolved an issue in the dashboard panel where having multiple tabs with different websites open could lead to incorrect campaign publish locations.

2023 October 16

We’ve added a feature for multi-environment publishing. For those utilizing the Test Environment, you can now selectively publish campaigns either to Test, Production, or both, right from the campaign publish section. This enhancement simplifies the process of testing campaigns thoroughly before going live, ensuring a seamless transition with a minimal overhead.

2023 October 12

Enhancments of our monitoring system. Started monitoring total session and event counts to better understand the infrastructure load and identify anomalies in real-time.

2023 October 11

Navigating the complexities of localisation just got easier! We understand the intricacies each language brings, especially in single popup campaigns. So, we’re thrilled to introduce Popup Dimension Localisation. Tailor the width and height of your popups for both mobile and desktop devices across each locale, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look regardless of the language. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and hello to customized, language-specific popup dimensions!

2023 October 9

We’re excited to unveil our first widget - the Countdown Widget, designed with extensibility and efficiency at its core. If you’re not using it, rest easy; the payload to your customers remains unchanged. Assets are fetched just in time, thanks to our revamped architecture. Experience optimum speed and performance ensuring your customers enjoy the best user experience. Even better, the countdown is tailored to your time zone, ensuring multi-country campaigns adhere to your local time. Once the clock runs out, the campaign closes and won’t reopen. Get ready to create irresistible Black Friday deals, exclusive pre-sale subscriptions, and enticing time-limited offers.

2023 October 6

Identified and addressed limits on servers and databases! By increasing payload capacities for both, we’re now better equipped to seamlessly handle multistep localized campaigns across numerous countries.

2023 September 28

Introduced a Test Environment section in Website Settings which allows you to add URLs of test environment websites and popup campaigns will display there.

2023 September 26

Modified the website URL trigger for the equal strategy. Now, it validates the path excluding the domain, making it easy to work with a test environment.

2023 September 21

Integration mapping now supports dynamic values at both the integration and campaign integration level. Currently supported values are {{IP}}, {{dataHub:your key}}, {{ORIGIN}} and {{LOCALE}}. This improves localized campaign integration and provides you with more options for capturing the data your integration requires.

2023 September 19

Major updates have been made to the customer-facing Fluentos Script. We’ve improved the traceability of stale assets, introducing a method to track deprecations and remove them safely. The script installation retains the "first served" principle, ensuring no changes in single-page applications even with additional requests to the main script. Styles now load in a non-blocking manner, further enhancing our already impressive asset handling experience.

2023 September 11

The "Thank You" step now correctly triggers after clicking a CTA (call to action) link on the button component and on the image component.

2023 September 5

Elevate your popup strategy with our new timed behaviour feature! Now you can automate popup actions for each step, group and device. Set actions - hide, close, expand, or minify - based on a timer and define limits per session. This allows expanding a popup just once, closing the 'thank you' step repeatedly, or creating a sense of urgency with a popup that continually hides and shows.

2023 September 4

Migrated 4 previously missed templates to our localized setup. This resolves the issue where rich text wasn’t displaying after copying a template.

2023 August 29

Enhanced the checkbox element to allow preselection, reducing the number of clicks your customers have to make.

2023 August 25

Introducing a new way to read live data: use the syntax {{dataHub:your key}} where "your key" is pushed into Fluentos DataHub using following code fluentosDataHub.push({"your key": "value"}).
And for our designers – we’ve got your back! To prevent popup layout breakages from lengthy texts, try our new live data mocking feature. Use {{dataHub:your key:any value}} and "any value" will display exclusively in the popup builder design section, allowing you to style with expected values in mind.
This allows for great personalization options, whether it’s a customer’s name or basket value you’d like to display inside the popup.

2023 August 24

Improved Time Spent Trigger, you can base the timer on either page load or session start, giving you finer control over customer engagement timing.

2023 August 23

Ever wanted more control over your popups’ display hierarchy? With the new Campaign Priority feature, it’s yours! Dictate whether a popup stays for a new one or simply gets suspended. Choose to have a near-permanent visibility for some popups or mark them as 'urgent' to ensure your customers don’t miss out. This added layer of customization opens up numerous engagement possibilities. We’re thrilled to offer this, and we hope you love the dynamic ways to connect with your online audience!

2023 August 19

For those edge-case moments, we have improved Fluentos client-facing script error logging for 'fetch asset' and 'report usage' failures. This ensures more transparency and quicker troubleshooting.

2023 August 18

Resolved the issue where popups threw an error upon rapid re-activation and re-closure. Thanks for flagging and your continuous feedback.

2023 August 16

Good news for FireFox users! Fixed the issue with Content Security Policy (CSP) that impacted the loading of background images. Enjoy seamless visuals across all browsers now. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

2023 August 6

Resolved an issue where inline group input elements weren’t recognized for integration mapping.

2023 August 4

We're introducing 5 new templates designed to simplify your popup campaign creation process. It will allow you to collect valuable feedback, grow your audience and boost your sales performance.

2023 July 5

Added error reporting and monitoring of Fluentos client-facing script to enhance reliability. This will allow for a fast and effective way to identify and address unforseen issues that normally comes with each browser release.

2023 July 2

Fixed a dashboard authentication glitch where customers were not redirected to login page upon authentication token expiration. Additionally modified fluentosDataHub initialization process to correctly consume live data push.

2023 July 1

Introducing Stack Position! Now easily control the display order of overlapping popups on your page. Higher numbers brings the popup to the front.

2023 June 28

Resolved an issue with our automated publish/unpublish popup campaign system that caused it to prematurely halt in specific circumstances.

2023 June 27

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new DataHub Trigger! Turn live data into actionable campaigns. Deliver highly relevant and personalized messaging to your customers. Whether you’re launching a flash sale based on trending products or sending reminders about abandoned shopping carts, our DataHub Trigger makes it possible.

2023 June 18

Made number formating consistent and minor visual alignments.

2023 June 15

New Geo Location trigger was released! This enhancement will help you effortlessly tailor your sales campaigns to specific regions, making location-based marketing a breeze.

2023 June 13

Improved campaign reassessment in Single Page Applications (SPAs) upon page change in relation to defined targeting options.

2023 June 9

Fixed URLs pointing to wrong Terms and Conditions and Data Processing Agreement sections.
Increased image upload size limit.

2023 June 8

New Feature - Emoji Support 🚀🚀. We are excited to announce a fun new way to make your popup campaigns more engaging.

2023 June 7

Carried out routine maintenance, as well as updates to our platform, framework, and libraries. These actions ensure we’re in line with the most recent security and performance enhancements.

2023 June 6

Resolved an issue where, under certain circumstances, the localized value was inaccurately returning values and not appropriately utilizing backward compatibility.

2023 June 2

Resolved the issue with initial localization setup on the client facing script. In certain cases locale was initialized too late.

2023 May 31

Resolved an issue concerning the improper display of click event data based on locale in our campaign performance analytics.

2023 May 30

Introducing blog section. Also let us know if you would like us to cover some topic.

2023 May 23

Resolved issue where rich text editor was generating text incorrectly for default locale. Fixed MailerLite integration which was not discarding wrong emails.

2023 May 20

The final version of our localized popup campaign feature has been successfully launched. This update includes unlimited locale support per domain, along with localizable assets, texts, and links for simplified internationalization management. Additionally, we’ve enhanced our analytics capabilities, providing comprehensive metrics which can be individually filtered by locale.

2023 May 2

The second phase of the popup campaign localization has been successfully deployed, enabling performance analytics to seamlessly integrate localization parameters across the entire infrastructure.

2023 April 28

Implemented multiline functionality for the input component.
You can check out available components in more detail by visiting our FAQ Page.

2023 April 27

Resolved styling issue where popup campaign corners didn't inherit the appropriate values.

2023 April 26

Initiated deployment of the foundation for popup campaign localization, significantly enhancing efficiency in managing popup campaigns across multiple countries and marking a major milestone.

2023 April 24

We're introducing 5 new templates designed to simplify your popup campaign creation process. It will allow you to collect valuable feedback, grow your audience and boost your sales performance.

2023 April 12

The Website URL, Website Cookie and Browser Agent triggers have a new rule engine that allows multiple conditions and groups to be combined, making popup campaign targeting more powerful. The use of AND and OR operators enables the display of popups under a variety of conditions.

2023 April 6

Expanded Browser Agent Trigger strategies with an additional option of excluding partial fragments. This enables a more precise popup campaign targeting of different website channels such as your app and website.

2023 March 24

Introducing our Expanded FAQ Section with Additional Insights into Using the Fluentos Dashboard. We are excited to provide more comprehensive information about using the Fluentos dashboard. Below are additional sections that will give you more insights into making the most of the Fluentos platform:

Creating Campaigns: Learn how to create engaging popups campaigns using our user-friendly campaign designer. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right campaign type, adding input fields, setting up integrations, and customizing your campaign’s design.

Popup Campaigns: Discover how to Fluentos popups to increase customer engagement and conversions. You’ll learn about different targeting options, how to customize your popups, and best practices for designing effective popups.

Integrations: Find out how to connect Fluentos with other services you use.

Reporting and Analytics: Learn how your campaigns are performing using FLuentos popup analytics features. You'll learn about different metrics, how to set up tracking, and how to use our reports to optimize your campaigns.

Troubleshooting: Read about common issues you may encounter while trying to setup Fluentos into your website.

You can check it out in more detail by visiting our FAQ Page.

2023 March 17

Started automatically storing the user’s timezone on the profile. This improves the onboarding process and users can change their timezone in profile settings if the detection was incorrect. Timezone is used for popup campaign scheduling.

2023 March 11

We have made it easier for you to contact us with the new quick message option added to the toolbar, which lets you send a message without interrupting your important work. Furthermore, font settings have been relocated from company settings to website settings, providing domain-level branding options for popup campaigns.

2023 March 9

Images used for popup campaigns are now being selected based on their size and device, resulting in a significant improvement in popup loading speed, particularly for mobile devices.

2023 March 7

New settings have been added to the popup images and popup background images. Now you can set focal points for images and adjust background images more precicely. These enhancements will greatly improve the visual impact and usability of popups.

2023 March 5

Fixed the issue related to a manual color input.

2023 March 4

Fixed the issue which in some cases was recording campaign event incorrectly. This update ensures more accurate reporting and helps to maintain the integrity of the collected campaign performace data.

2023 March 3

Campaign JavaScript Callbacks for the impression, event, and close click events can invoke your custom JavaScript code. This new feature gives you the posibilities to run campaigns that interacts with your website based on those events.

2023 February 25

Campaign loading guards were improved to prevent unauthorized access. It helps to ensure that only correctly installed script has access to the campaigns, increasing security and reliability of the service. This improvement moves us forward with our commitment of creating a more secure and trustworthy environment.

2023 February 23

The campaign performance analytics dashboard has been improved with the ability to select a time range for up to 90 days and compare two metrics against each other. You can now analyze campaign performance over a longer period and make necessary adjustments to improve campaign convertion rate.

2023 February 21

Started recording close button click event for campaign performance metric. This provides additional insight into how campaigns are being used.

2023 February 16

Campaign re-engagement can have a limit preventing excessive or unwanted engagement. This gives you greater control over campaigns and helps prevent annoying users who may be repeatedly exposed to the same campaign.

2023 February 13

Hello, World! Fluentos Beta version went live.