Triggers, Templates, Integrations, and beyond: Without any coding, effortlessly personalize and enhance your popups. Explore the descriptions below to understand Fluentos’s full range of features.

DataHub Trigger
Leverage live data using Fluenos DataHub to trigger campaigns, enhancing real-time relevancy and personalization of your messaging.
Advanced Rule Engine
Define custom conditions and rules to control when and how your campaigns are displayed, increasing targeting precision.
Exit Intent Trigger
Capture customer’s attention just before they leave your site with a timely popup, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.
Geo Location Trigger
Initiate campaigns based on the geographical location of the customer, allowing for localized targeting and personalization.
Popup Priority
Manage the display hierarchy of your popups, ensuring that critical notifications are seen first without overwhelming the website’s experience.
JavaScript Callbacks
Utilize JavaScript callbacks to trigger custom actions or events based on customer’s interactions with your campaigns.
Custom Integration
Implement custom integrations with your existing tools and systems for seamless data exchange and campaign functionality.
New Visitor Trigger
Engage first-time visitors with customized campaigns, making a em impression and encouraging interaction.
Returning Visitor Trigger
Target repeat visitors with special offers and content, building brand loyalty and increasing retention.
On-Site Retargeting
Display tailored campaigns to customers based on their previous interactions, maximizing relevance and conversions.
Website Cookie Trigger
Use cookie data to personalize campaigns and improve the customers’ experience based on their previous interactions.
Customizable Templates
Choose from a variety of pre-built templates, which can be easily tailored to fit your unique design requirements.
Teaser PopUp (minified)
Display a smaller, more subtle popup to grab customer’s attention without disrupting their browsing experience.
Responsive PopUp
Automatically adapts to various screen sizes, ensuring a flawless experience across all devices.
Google Analytics
Monitor your campaign performance and customer engagement with seamless integration to Google Analytics.
Custom Campaign Schedule
Schedule campaigns to run during specific timeframes or based on customer’s behavior for maximum impact.
Success Messages
Show personalized messages to customers who complete a campaign, providing a positive experience and enhancing engagement.
Multistep Campaigns
Create multi-step campaigns to guide customers through a series of interactions, boosting engagement and conversions.
Page level targeting
Display campaigns on specific pages, tailoring your message to match the page content and targeting customers’ interests.
Scroll Trigger
Launch campaigns when customers scroll down a certain percentage of the page, ensuring they’re engaged before presenting your message.
Website URL Trigger
Show campaigns based on the customer’s current URL, allowing for highly targeted messaging based on their browsing path.
Specific Device Trigger
Target campaigns to customers on specific devices, such as desktops, tablets, or smartphones, for a tailored experience.
Specific Browser Trigger
Customize campaigns for customers on different browsers, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
Time Spent Trigger
Launch campaigns based on the duration a customer spends on your site, engaging them at the most relevant moments.
Input Fields
Collect information with a variety of input fields, enabling better segmentation and personalization.
Email Input Fields
Capture email addresses for follow-up communication and email marketing campaigns.
Numeric Input Fields
Collect numerical data from customers, such as age or quantity, for improved targeting and personalization.
Phone Input Fields
Gather customers’ phone numbers for SMS marketing campaigns or customer support follow-ups.
URL Input Fields
Obtain customers’ website URLs for business inquiries, partnerships, or networking purposes.
Allow customers to make multiple selections with checkboxes, ideal for preferences, interests, or consent options.
Radio Buttons
Enable customers to make a single choice from a list of options, streamlining decision-making processes.
Rich Text Editor
Easily create and format content within your campaigns with a user-friendly, intuitive text editor.
Inline Grouping
Organize your form elements in a compact, visually appealing way with inline grouping for a seamless customer experience.
Campaign Analytics
Monitor campaign performance with real-time data, helping you make informed decisions and optimize results.
Connect your campaigns with popular third-party tools and services to streamline data collection and management.
Custom Fonts
Customize the look and feel of your campaigns with a wide selection of fonts to match your brand’s style.
Add visual appeal to your campaigns with customizable images that capture customer attention and enhance your message.
Incorporate call-to-action buttons to drive customer interaction and boost conversions.
Custom Positions
Place your popups anywhere on your website to optimize customer engagement and conversions.
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