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Single & Double Columns

Slide-in Popup

A slide-in popup is a classic. It displays a small, noticeable message on the page, enhancing the shopping experience without interruption.

Full-Screen Popup

A full-screen popup guarantees visibility to every visitor. Make an impactful impression with greetings, present the latest offers, or encourage subscriptions in a stunning way.

Popup Banner

Introduce an eye-catching popup banner to notify visitors of a successful subscription or to keep them updated with the latest offers.

Teaser Popup

A popup teaser is a scaled-down form of your complete popup, crafted to enhance visibility and pique interest, prompting users to unfold the full banner.

Multiple Step Forms

Split your forms across multiple steps with a clear step-by-step process that’s easy to follow.

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Embedded Forms

Embedded forms streamline the customer journey. Seamlessly integrated into the page, they allow for parameter selection, error notification, and more.

Coming Soon

Embedded Content

Embedded content seamlessly integrates with your webpage, enhancing user interaction and providing a smoother experience.

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Gamified popups are the latest trend in the industry. Engage visitors with fun activities like spinning a wheel and reward their participation with a special gift.


Subscription Form

Collect names and email addresses through a subscription form to send out your newsletter provider.

Reduce Order Returns

Use Fluentos live data to automatically notify customers about your size guide when they add multiple sizes of the same product to their cart.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Display exit-intent popups offering discounts, or gently inquire if users would like to finish their action before leaving.

New Product Launches

Create awareness of major campaigns in your shop. Announce them site-wide with a catchy call-to-action, directing visitors to the campaign page.

Customer Base Growth

Motivate visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, assuring them that each email offers valuable insights and added benefits.

Upcoming Events

Promote your upcoming event by adding a registration form. Use the localization feature for a targeted approach in specific regions.

Coming Soon

NPS Feeback Forms

Ask customers to share their satisfaction with your service and their likelihood to recommend your brand (NPS) via an engaging popup survey.


Landing Trigger

Connect with customers as soon as they begin their browsing session upon entering the site.

New Customers Trigger

Capture the attention of first-time visitors with tailored campaigns, creating a memorable impression and fostering interaction.

Returning Customers Trigger

Reward repeat visitors with exclusive offers and content to strengthen brand loyalty and boost retention.

Exit Intent Trigger

Grab your customers’ attention with a well-timed exit-intent popup just as they’re about to leave your website.

Visited Page Count Trigger

Interact with customers based on the number of pages they’ve visited, to connect with those actively browsing your website.

Scroll Trigger

Initiate a popup when customers reach a predetermined scroll depth on the page, thereby increasing the likelihood of their engagement before you unveil your message.

Time Spent Trigger

A timed delay is essential to minimize irritation. Simply set the timer to give visitors a chance to explore before proceeding.

Geo Location Trigger

Initiate campaigns based on the geographical location of the customer, allowing for localized targeting and personalization.

Website URL Trigger

Display popup tailored to the customer’s current URL, enabling precise messaging that aligns with their browsing journey.

Website Cookie Trigger

Leverage cookie data to customize popups and enhance the customer experience by reflecting their past interactions.

Device Type Trigger

Display device-specific responsive popups to customers, whether they’re on desktops or smartphones, for a customized experience.

Browser Agent Advanced Trigger

Display a distinct popup for mobile web app users and a separate one for website visitors.

DataHub Advanced Trigger

Utilize live data from Fluenos DataHub to activate campaigns, boosting the real-time relevance and personalization of your messages.

Rule Engine (and/or)

Using Fluentos Advanced Rule Engine, establish rules per trigger for popups, activating them when one or more specified conditions (and/or) are fulfilled.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule your popups for key dates, seasonal offers, or new launches with Fluentos’ Scheduling Engine, and let us handle the rest.

Popup Priority

Manage the order of popup displays using Fluentos Priority Engine to ensure your most important messages are always seen first.

Design Editor
Components & Widgets

Phone/Email/URL Input Field

Collect information with a variety of input fields, enabling better segmentation and personalization.

Text Element

Easily create and format content within your popup with a user-friendly, intuitive rich-text editor.

Button Element

Add customizable and user-friendly call-to-action buttons to enhance customer engagement and increase conversion rates.

Choise Element

Facilitate customer choices with checkboxes for multiple selections, such as preferences or consent, and single-choice lists to streamline decision-making.

Asset Element

Boost your popups with eye-catching, customizable images that capture customers’ attention and reinforce your message.

Inline Group Element

Organize your form elements in columns using inline grouping for a tidy and appealing layout, offering various alignment and size options.

Countdown Widget

Incorporating a countdown timer into your popup adds urgency, significantly boosting sales and enhancing the attractiveness of your promotions.


Design an unlimited number of steps, utilizing them for thank you messages or guiding users towards different actions.


Choose between single and double layouts for each step, customizing to create the most popular popups.


Custom Positions

Strategically position your popups across your website to maximize customer engagement without blocking key site elements.

Multiple Steps

Design an unlimited number of steps, utilizing them for thank you messages or guiding users towards different actions.


Utilize the same popup, but customize the content for various languages and adjust the popup settings according to the locale to have a perfect fit.

Duplicate Components

Boost own productivity by duplicating already styled and localized components, saving time in the process.

Duplicate Campaigns

If you have a similar campaign that only requires minor adjustments, duplicate the campaign and make the necessary changes to save significant time.

Mobile View Editing

Customize the popup for both desktop and mobile, with override options for mobile to ensure a perfect fit.

Popup Size

Customize the size, position, margins, and paddings for each step of the popup, creating an ideal placeholder for your content.

Custom Success Message

Craft any thank you message you desire by adding a step following the event.

Custom Teaser

Tailor a popup teaser to boost visibility and spark curiosity, encouraging users to reveal the entire popup.

Template Library

Do you require a template that captures the essence of your popup? Simply select one that aligns with your vision to begin.

Asset Manager

Upload images to be automatically resized for optimal performance by our asset manager.

Secondary Actions

The button component includes a secondary action feature, enabling the copying of values, such as coupon codes, to the clipboard for an enhanced customer experience.

Countdown Timer

Leverage the fear of missing out as a potent motivator. Inform your visitors of the expiration date on your popup with a countdown timer.

Component Customizations

Design your components using user-friendly controls that are constantly updated with fresh possibilities.

Custom Error Messages

Every required field can display a localized error message, offering you the flexibility to communicate in the manner you prefer.

Test Environment

Effortlessly preview your popups in a test environment before making them live, ensuring a seamless transition to production.

Timed Behaviour

Automate processes such as automatically opening the full popup or closing it after a thank you message, giving you complete control over these actions.

Stack Order

Manage the display hierarchy of overlapping popups on your page; higher numbers will bring the popup to the forefront.

Typography Inheritance

Configure typography settings such as font size at the step level, and all components will inherit this setting. You have the option to override it for individual components, if desired.

Close Button

Dictate the function, appearance, and position of the close button, determining whether it minimizes or closes the popup.

Live Data

Every component is capable of displaying live data, such as customer name and basket value. Plus, you can preview the appearance in the designer to avoid any surprises later.

Campaign Insights

Impression Count

Track how many times your popup has been viewed. Monitor impressions to gauge visibility and reach within your target audience.

Event / Subscription Count

Track the number of interactions or subscriptions triggered by your popup. This metric helps you understand user engagement and interest.

Conversion Rate

Use this insight to evaluate the effectiveness of your popup campaigns.

Close Event Count

Track count of how many times users close your popup. This statistic offers valuable feedback on user behavior and popup relevance.

A/B Split Test

Optimize your conversion rate by A/B testing various campaigns. Analyze and compare their performance to identify the most effective strategies for your audience.

Filter By Localization

Refine your analytics by filtering results based on locale. Tailor your analysis to understand regional preferences and behaviors.

Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics by sending your campaign data directly. Leverage Google’s powerful analytics tools to gain deeper insights into your popup campaign’s performance

UTM Tracking

Add UTM parameters to your popups. Monitor campaign performance through your analytics platform, allowing for a more detailed performance analysis.

Popup Callbacks

Use campaign callbacks to manually trigger key events such as impressions, events, and closures. Gain precise control over your campaign analytics for advanced event tracking.


Custom Integration (WebHook)

Leverage Fluentos’ custom integration to seamlessly push data to your system, whether it’s a custom API, CRM, or any other platform. We ensure smooth data transfer whenever your customers engage.

Pre-Made Integrations

Take advantage of our ready-made integrations, such as MailerLite, to simplify newsletter subscriptions.

Field Mapping

You can map fields to your system with great flexibility, either at the integration level or campaign level. Additionally, there is support for live data, enhancing your customization options.

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