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September 19, 2023

Drive Sales with Fluentos: Mastering Onsite Marketing

Mastering Onsite Marketing

In this blog post, we will cover:

  1. What Is Fluentos
  2. How Does Fluentos Work
  3. The Benefits of Using Fluentos for Onsite Marketing
  4. Turn Exit Intent Around
  5. Grow Your Audience
  6. Drive Sales
  7. Collect Valuable Feedback
  8. Give Your Analytics a Boost
  9. Conclusion

Driving sales can be an uphill battle unless you have the right tools. Fluentos is an on-site marketing tool that will help you drive sales, increase your conversation rates, and maximize revenue through powerful features and effective popups.

This tool allows you to leverage advanced targeting options so you can be precise in reaching your ideal target audience. Today, we will explain what Fluentos is, how it works, and how it benefits you, so you can start using this powerful tool.

What Is Fluentos?

Fluentos is an onsite marketing tool that specializes in providing a comprehensive solution for all your needs. In one place, you will be able to optimize your website with impactful and unobtrusive popups. This way, you can engage your audience in a valuable way, create customers, and drive revenue generation. Fluentos streamlines the entire onsite marketing process so you can be more efficient and enjoy greater success.

One of the things Fluentos values most is online privacy, so we prioritize and guarantee it. Privacy is one of our core principles, so we don’t use third-party analytical cookies. This reduces the collection of analytical data and the potential privacy concerns that come with tracking user behavior.

Fluentos also offers a user-friendly interface, which aims at making the onsite marketing process easier than ever. Our modal popup design tool provides a great variety of features, so businesses will have access to all the tools they need in one place. Once created and launched, our popups will perform perfectly. Moreover, Fluentos is designed to help you reach your marketing and engagement goals by providing a cohesive set of tools for a more effective onsite marketing strategy.

How Does Fluentos Work?

Fluentos is very easy to use, and you can confirm that through our free trial. Once you register and add your website, you will be able to choose between two installation options. The steps will be clear and easy to follow, no matter what option you choose. We have the Standard Installation, which only requires you to copy the script provided in the “Websites” list and paste it into your website. There’s also the Google Tag Manager Installation, which requires you to create a new “Custom HTML” tag called “Fluentos”. Then, you’ll have to copy the script tag provided in the “Websites” list and paste it into the Custom HTML tag. The final steps would be to select “All Pages” and hit the “Save” button.

After you install Fluentos, you will be able to leverage all of our features to create popups that will drive sales, increase your revenue, boost conversion rate, and much more.

The Benefits of Using Fluentos for Onsite Marketing

The main thing Fluentos can do for you is to provide a platform that will empower your marketing team to build the kind of popups you would expect to see on highly engineered websites. Each popup will be perfectly customized because our features make that possible, so they will match your existing branding to offer a cohesive user experience.

But what kind of popups can you create with Fluentos? Well, the sky’s the limit! Here are some of the things that you’ll be able to accomplish with Fluentos’ popups:

Turn Exit Intent Around

Imagine this: one of your ideal potential customers hovers over the “back” button, meaning they’re ready to leave your website. But before they click, a Fluentos exit-intent popup will come in to capture their attention. It will be persuasive enough to prompt them to stay longer, which means you will engage all the visitors who are just about to leave your website. This will reduce bounce rates, while increasing conversion rates, which will make a big difference for your business.

Grow Your Audience

Popups aimed at growing your audience will expand your customer base very easily. With these pop-ups, you will be able to convert website visitors into valuable email leads. Fluentos offers pre-made popup templates you can use and customize to fit your brand image. Popups focused on growing your audience will help drive business growth and generate leads, which will ultimately drive sales.

Drive Sales

With Fluentos’ popups, you will be able to finesse your sales efforts. Our onsite marketing tool offers the features to help you maximise revenue through the use of promotions (such as a promo code, and product recommendations), rewards, and retention campaigns. At the same time, you will increase conversion rates. Fluentos also offers advanced targeting options so your popups can reach the right website visitors at the best possible time. Moreover, Fluentos provides geo-location targeting, allowing you to tailor your campaigns to specific regions. All this without trespassing on the privacy of your users.

Collect Valuable Feedback

You know how the saying goes–knowledge is power. Fluentos understands this, which is why it empowers you to get valuable feedback from customers. Using surveys and other means to receive feedback will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and eliminate guesswork. Your business strategies shouldn’t be set in stone because there’s always room for improvement. That’s why you need feedback and insights from the people you want to satisfy. Leveraging that to make your strategies sturdier will improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Give Your Analytics a Boost

Last but not least, another great thing you can do with Fluentos is strengthen your in-house analytics. Analytics are another great way to gain valuable insights to help you optimize strategies for peak performance and greater success. Moreover, they’re the lifeline of modern marketing as we know it. With Fluentos, you can have complete control over your marketing data by executing custom JavaScript callbacks.

Fluentos - A Powerful Onsite Marketing Tool

All in all, Fluentos is the ultimate onsite marketing tool for businesses that are ready to drive sales, unlock the power of a good promo code, optimize conversion rates, and improve their conversion funnel marketing. Ready to help your business adapt and innovate to enjoy greater success? Start using Fluentos! Click here to start your free trial.

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