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May 23, 2024

Performance and Privacy for Sustainable Business Growth

Performance and Privacy for Sustainable Business Growth

In this blog post, we will cover:

  1. Fluentos Unique Selling Points
  2. Lab Based Comparison
  3. Jack-Jones Use Case
  4. Final Thoughts

I delayed writing this post to gather more versatile use cases and see how Fluentos performs under various conditions.

Fluentos Unique Selling Points

When asked about our USP, I see it as feedback that our marketing page needs improvement. We aim to address this here and eventually on the homepage.

Fluentos stands for privacy and sustainable practices at its core.

Fluentos Privacy

We prioritize our customers' privacy and, crucially, their customers' privacy. Fluentos stores no data and has upheld this principle since its inception. Although this means any data lost during onboarding is unrecoverable, it ensures absolute privacy. Failed-to-process parts are stored fully encrypted and removed once the integration is healthy again.

Explore our Privacy Policy Short Version or a Full Version for more details.

Fluentos Sustainable Practices

Using Fluentos means minimal impact on your end users in terms of asset load, backend processing, and device usage. We invest heavily in optimizing for fast delivery and minimal payload. For more details, check our release notes.

While there are more aspects of sustainable practices, they are beyond the scope of this post.

Lab Based Comparison

To demonstrate Fluentos' efficiency, I conducted a comparison with alternatives under the following setup:

  • Environment: Microsoft Edge (Version 125.0.2535.51 (Official Build) (arm64)) No addons/plugins installed
  • OS: MacOs Sonoma 14.4.1
  • Laptop: Apple M1 Max, MacBook Pro
  • Network: Slow 3G (Microsoft Edge preset)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Register as a new user
  • Create a new campaign using available templates
  • Remove images to have a text-based popup
  • Enable/disable various triggers for campaign display
  • Publish the campaign
  • Install the script in Google Tag Manager custom HTML tag
  • Refresh three times and average the data from Developer Tools

I tested the following providers:

  • Fluentos
  • Popupsmart
  • Wisepops
  • OptiMonk
  • Drip
  • Promolayer
  • Claspo
  • Sleeknote

Note: Some providers load Google Fonts by default, which affects GDPR compliance in Europe. These fonts are included in the asset size graph.

Asset Size (kB): Lower is better. Asset Size in kB

Full Page Load Time (seconds) using Slow 3G: Lower is better. Page Load Time in seconds

Browser Memory Usage (MB): Lower is better. Memory Usage in MB

Keep in mind, that these metrics reflect a single page view. Multiply by your monthly page views to understand the data impact.

Note: Sleeknote and Drip failed to display campaigns under Slow 3G, but worked fine with Fast 3G.

Note: Fluentos (Full Page Load Time) is reduced by 5s, for it is used to batch multiple reports and save resources. Other providers report impressions instantly.

Jack&Jones Use Case

By switching to Fluentos, Jack&Jones reduced their campaign payload from 700kB to 40kB with an identical setup. With daily traffic of 120k sessions, this results in significant data savings:


  • 30 days: 137GB (30 days x 120,000 sessions x 0.00003814 GB)
  • 30 days: 18M requests (30 days x 120,000 sessions x 5 requests / session)
  • 2 hours: Create a complex campaign for 30 (at the time) different locales

Previous Provider:

  • 30 days: 2.4TB (30 days x 120,000 sessions x 0.00066757 GB)
  • 30 days: 86M requests (30 days x 120,000 sessions x 24 requests / session)
  • 8 hours: Create a complex campaign for 30 (at the time) different locales

Each month the decision to use Fluentos saves Jack&Jones customers and the planet 2.3TB of data transfer, 68M requests to servers, and most importantly Employee time who are managing the campaigns.

Note: Snapshot was taken 01-03-2024

Here is one of the currently running live campaigns. It looks stunning, fully matches brand identity, is responsive, localized in 50 languages, has both mobile and desktop versions, has teaser and expanded versions with thank you step, using multiple triggers and most importantly, doesn’t affect web performance.

Jack-Jones Grow Email List

Final Thoughts

In an era where 5G and fast internet are ubiquitous, one might wonder if optimization and data minimization still matter. To me, they do. As the web continues to bloat, I take pride in delivering a solution that adheres to the principle of using only what's necessary. This approach benefits everyone by ensuring a smoother, faster, and more efficient web experience.

Privacy is another cornerstone of our philosophy. While some might overlook it, I believe it's crucial. I hope you, the reader, share this commitment to protecting user privacy and embracing sustainable practices in digital solutions.

About The Author: Hi, my name is Ricardas Risys, and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Fluentos. I'm also a husband, father, and indie hacker, very passionate about code efficiency and performance.

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