Increase E-Commerce

Setting up an e-commerce store is the beginning of your online business journey — the next crucial step is to implement enduring strategies to amplify e-commerce sales.

Product Recommendations

Customers are presented with product suggestions, ensuring a tailored shopping experience based on their unique interests and behavior.

Product Recommendations Popup

Special offers & discounts

Not only do they delight your customers, but they also boost your sales. Encourage continued shopping among your visitors by offering special offers.

Special offers & discounts Popup


Upselling is a clever strategy to increase your average order value, enhancing your shopping experience and raising the bar for our advertising efforts.

Upsell Popup

Free shipping

Increase sales with special free shipping offer and watch your sales rocket.

Free shipping Popup

Creating Urgency

With a limited stock on hand, every item becomes that much more special. Highlighting the limited quantity can ignite that need to secure one’s own piece.

Creating Urgency Popup

Tailor Your Message Locally

Tailor Your Message Locally. Using Fluentos you can communitate same language your customers’ do.

Tailor Your Message Locally Popup

Using Exit Intent

Before someone abandons their cart, give them one more reason to finish checkout with free shipping, promo code or ask for a feedback.

Using Exit Intent Popup

Personalized Message

Interact with your customers according to the platform they originated from (Facebook, Google Ads and so on) or Country or many other parameters

Personalized Message Popup

Countdown Timer

By adding a countdown timer, you can give your campaigns a sense of urgency. This can significantly increase sales and strengthen the appeal of your promotions.

Countdown Timer Popup

Capture E-Mail Subscribers

Encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter. It’s essential to reassure potential subscribers that our emails come with a guarantee of added value and insights.

Capture E-Mail Subscribers Popup

Sales are the lifeline of any e-commerce business. There are many ways to convert traffic beyond discounting. Some of these tactics can deliver quick results, while others set you up for long-term success.
Check our blog post on how to improve conversion rates .

Person Using FLuentos Person Using FLuentos

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