A good website personalization tool will allow you to optimize your onsite experience in different ways for different audience segments without sacrify for pricacy. That way you can better engage your key customer groups with experiences personalized to their onsite preferences and behaviors.

Personalize for External source

Engage with your visitors based on their source of visit, whether it’s external platforms like Newsletters, SMS, GAds, Meta, or various other parameters.

Personalize for External source Popup

Real Time Personalization

Utilize the advanced capabilities of "fluentosDataHub" trigger directly from your website or analytics. Every customer gets a personalised real time experience since content is tailored based on the data that is pushed.

Real Time Personalization Popup

Geo-Targeted Precision

Harness capabilities that use geographical data about each visitor. Every consumer receives a region-specific real-time experience, as content is tailored based on their geographical data.

Geo-Targeted Precision Popup

Localized Campaigns

Sharpen your campaign focus. With Fluentos, select the right keywords and refine your audience targeting according to the language your customers’ speak.

Localized Campaigns Popup

Cookie Based Personalization

Every customer enjoys a bespoke real-time experience, as content is crafted based on their individual browsing history and preferences or choises.

Cookie Based Personalization Popup

Everyone wants to feel as if they're the only ones being addressed to. By using Fluentos for your business you can grow engagement, increase loyalty and boost sales.
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Person Using FLuentos Person Using FLuentos

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